Energize Your Taste Buds With Gatorade!

8 03 2010

Project 4 involved creating a print advertisement for a product of our choosing. I decided to use a picture of a Gatorade bottle that I took for the last project and did not use. I used the magic wand tool to cut the bottle out of the original picture and turned it into a colorful, abstract advertisement. Being a beginner at photoshop definitely made for some difficult challenges; however after playing around with the program and browsing the Internet for tips, I was able to get a better understanding of the program.

The three tools I used most were:

1. The Paint Brush –

To create the circles, I used several different brush sizes and opacity levels. For example, when I began painting the circles, I used a brush opacity around 60%. Once I created the first set, I added another layer. I then changed the color to something more saturated and changed the size of each circle. Manually creating each circle was slightly tedious, but it gave me more control over the layout. I also frequently used the paint bucket and eyedropper to get the same shade for various circles.

2. Layer Effects –

I played around the layer effects to create dimension. I used the inner shadow, drop shadow, and outer glow tools on the text and bottle. It was fun to see what each effect had on the layers and learn what each effect does the image.

3. Burn and Dodge Tools

I used these two tools on the Gatorade bottle. Initially, the bottle appeared flat  due to the way the picture was originally taken. I wanted the advertisement to look like it had several layers to it. I used the burn tool to darken the left side of the bottle and the dodge tool to highlight the natural curves of the bottle.

In addition to those tools, I also used text and the outer glow and drop shadow effects. This project was definitely challenging, but I am thrilled that I created an advertisement that actually looks legitimate. After receiving feedback in class, I did go back and edit my project. I did not realize when you enter the size of the image you want to create, the outlined space that appears is that dimension — I thought you had to manually create another box to indicate the desired layout space. After realizing the mistake I made, I went back to photoshop and filled in the empty space with a background color, more circles, and increased the text size. Now it looks like it could be a full-page advertisement!




17 responses

8 03 2010

The way you played with the colors make the Gatorade seem super fruity and refreshing, perfect to quench my thirst on a hot summer day. Quite frankly, your ad made me want some for myself!

9 03 2010

The colors are electrifying ! I really liked how you changed the color of the gatorade !

9 03 2010

I just want to say that this makes me want gatorade and summer all at the same time. Really clever ad – I especially love the bubbles. Great job!

9 03 2010

I like the color combination in this ad. The Gatorade color looks super great and it really compliments the greens. I’m glad you added the other color border. Great.

9 03 2010

I didn’t notice this before, but it looks like your exclamation point is a circle and the bottle…? That’s a great idea! Very creative.

9 03 2010

This is a really cool ad. I definitely like how you added the green background after class. The colors of this advertisement are really eye catching.

10 03 2010

This is such a colorful ad! It’s nice to see that you added to the background.

10 03 2010

The colors are so vivid and bright! I love that you changed the color of the gatorade. The dots are such a cool effect.

10 03 2010

I liked your ad better before you changed it after class to fit the size requirements. It may not have been appropriate for this assignment, but it looked great. I still like it because the just added to it, but now the Gatorade bottle looks a little small.

10 03 2010

This is a really fun ad. I like all the colors and the way you used the circles. This is very well put togeather and looks professional.

10 03 2010

I love the colors in this! It really makes me want some gatorade. I also love how all of the circles are different shapes and colors. Great job!

10 03 2010
Sarah Carideo

I love all the colors and the motion caused by the circles. I would recommend switching up the texts so that they aren’t the same and will relate more to the roundness of the circles instead of simply being bold.

10 03 2010

I love this ad because I can really tell that you worked very hard on it. It must have taken you forever! I love all of the colors and how you made the gatorade stand out even more. I also love the logo above the period, that was very clever. Great job!

10 03 2010

Hey I really like this ad even if it’s too small! You were great with making each space in the ad cool and visually appealing. The sea of circles is pretty cool.

10 03 2010

This was a great ad! I like that you added the other layer of green on the outside and I love the bright colors in it. The color you made the gatorade was great and the circles really help lead my eye up to the gatorade and beyond it. Nice job.

10 03 2010

Good job! Great photoshopping skills with the colors and circles. The product really pops! I may have used a slightly lighter color than the maroon because it sort of reminds me of Coke but thats probably just me. The blue gatorade looks really good.

10 03 2010

I really love all of the bright colors and the way that everything pops right out the ad. It is very easy to read, but not distracting at the same time. I like that you were very creative with this idea, but I agree that a purple outline around the ad would add something to it.

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