The Purse Snatcher – Project #6

7 04 2010

The Purse Jacob Attempted to Take

Making a photostory was a creative project that took me back to the days of simple plots with one protagonist and one antagonist. The concept could not be overly complex because the viewer has to be able to understand the conflict through photographs. To achieve this, I created a storyline of two good friends walking outside and one of them gets robbed. When I thought about who would play the characters, I decided on two of my friends that have a height difference. Kristen would play the victim of the robbery and Rachel, who is substantially taller, would play the protagonist.

To make it more obvious who my characters represented, I had them dress femine and girly. Jacob played the antagonist. I had him dress in darker clothing; he also wore sunglasses to appear more mysterious. When completeing this project, I set up the music to allign with the storyline. For example, when Jacob was stealing Kristen’s red purse the fast-paced music kicks in. This provides the viewer with cues to how they should be feeling toward the characters.

To conclude, I am very happy with my photostory. I think there is a definite protagonist, antagonist, conflict, action, and resolution. There are a variety of shot sizes too.




15 responses

7 04 2010

This was one of my favorite photostories and not just because I was the star of it. I just really like it because it is simple, easy to follow, and clearly shows the two sides. I think you also did a great job with the music and how it reflects the mood of the pictures. One thing to watch out for would be repetitive photos. But that was just a minor set back. Great job!

8 04 2010

I really liked the zoom in on Jacob. Great lighting and contrast. The tackle could have been more intense but I liked the speed of the frames to make it look more like movement. Great job!

8 04 2010

This was so funny! I loved it. The lighting was really good, nice choice shooting outdoors in the daylight!Your story line was easy to follow and your characters were clear. The end was a tiny bit stretched out, but overall great job!

8 04 2010

You had great lighting throughout all of your photos and your story was pretty funny. I think you did a good job at defining the antagonist and protagonist so it was easy for the audience to follow. Nice job!

8 04 2010

Although a little repetitive, the story was definitely well established and well thought out. It was very clear what was happening and who the different characters were.

8 04 2010

There were some unnecessary photos in your video, but you had a good concept and the story was easy to follow.

9 04 2010

Jacob cracks me up… his expressions are priceless! This photostory is so funny.

9 04 2010
Sarah Carideo

You told the story very well with all your different action shots but were sometimes repetitive.

9 04 2010

Love your pictures! Funny story and I love the fact that you chose to shoot outdoors !

9 04 2010

This story was so great! There were some repetitive pictures, but otherwise great job!

9 04 2010

I thought this was a very funny photostory. I really like the action scenes they worked very nice.

9 04 2010

the caption of the picture entertains me – as did Jacob’s facial expressions. The story was clear and I really liked the photo sequence when the girl tackled jacob – great job 🙂

9 04 2010

The photos used for the running scene were very well timed and placed.

9 04 2010

I wasn’t sure what the guy was doing just pointing for 5 minutes like that and the running was pretty funny. I liked the lighting and idea.

9 04 2010

I loved your story and action/ movement. The watcher was on for a little bit too long but other than that it looked good

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