Pan Area Carnival Documentary – Project #7

19 04 2010

I really enjoyed creating this project. My partner, Jacob, and I documented an event called Pan Area Carnival. It’s a campus-wide carnival that all the Governors, including myself, put on with the help of RSA. We took footage on three different days and interviewed three people. One of them was the Governor of East area, another was apart of the Danieley Area Council, and the other was the Vice President of RSA, who helped oversee the planning process of this event. Surprisingly the interviews were not difficult to film. Jacob and I had a pretty firm grasp as to how to work the camera. The hardest part of interviewing was getting a good soundbite from people. A couple times we had to ask the interviewee to restate what they had just said because they would say ‘um’ a lot or it their statement was not concise enough.  Other than that, it wasn’t too bad.

While this project certainly took up a lot of time, I really enjoyed documenting something that is so personal to me. Hopefully it can be used next year for an RSA/Area Council promo video to show new students what sort of events the organizations plan.




15 responses

19 04 2010

This video was awesome. I liked how you captured the point of views of many different people. Its impressive that you were able to film most of your footage on the same day that you had to edit almost everything!

19 04 2010

Great job with the interviews, the point of this project. Everything was exposed correctly and white balanced. I also love that you have the girl getting hit in the face. I saw that as I was walking by and nearly died laughing so I’m glad you got it on tape and worked PAC at the same time!

20 04 2010

You had a variety of interviews and shots, which was good.

20 04 2010

submitted that before i was done…
you also had good b-roll and I can tell you guys spent a lot of time on this. Nicely done.

20 04 2010

You guys got good b-roll and I like that you had multiple interviews. Work on steady zooming for next time.

21 04 2010

Great idea! I really enjoyed learning more about the PAC because before your video I didn’t know much about it. It was very informative – great job!

21 04 2010

Nice video! I liked how you had multiple interviewees. Nice ending and great shots!

21 04 2010

This was a really creative idea — and very timely. I thought having the interviews take place in front of some action was a great idea.

21 04 2010

I like that everything in your video was colorful and vivid. The greens, blues, yellows, and reds looked great and kept my attention.

21 04 2010

This video really encompassed all the hard work that was put into the Pan Area Carnival. You had great b-roll and I really liked how you had different people’s viewpoints.

21 04 2010

This video had a very fun feel and it gave an interesting look into the planning of university events. There was nice b-roll footage that complemented your video nicely.

21 04 2010
Sarah Carideo

Your interviews were great! I loved the variety of your shots and little things like having people throwing at the dunk tank or a poster during the interviews helped. I would suggest having a shot of the whole event as your final scene though.

21 04 2010

Your interviews were awesome and you incorporated some great wild noise in the background which really contributed to your overall film. Nice job! I loved the ending shot!

21 04 2010

I love that you guys decided to do more of a news story than a documentary, and I think it really worked for you. My favorite scene of any of the movies we watched in class was the scene where the people are dressed in pacman suits and running around. Good job!

22 04 2010

This was a very great example of a news type documentary. It was very informative and yall had great b- roll to go along

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