Project #8 – Silent Film

26 04 2010

This project was really helpful in improving my camera work. My partner, Jacob, and I tried to make sure each shot was smooth. As far as directing actors, we did not have too much trouble. One of the actors was slightly moody and did not appreciate the long hours (that is, a mere 30 to 60 minutes of filming/day). We had to work with the said actor and make sure we told him when we were starting and ending production. There were also a couple times we had to re-shoot because the actors would go out of the frame, but other than that directing was fine. I think our silent movie turned out great! I am happy with the results.




14 responses

26 04 2010

Bromance ! Creative idea ! I definitely feel bad for that guy! I liked how you introduced the girl into the situation and how immediately the audience can understand the conflict. Only thing is, in the end I thought Scott would have gone to a different room or at least a different bed. But other than that, GOOd job!

27 04 2010

I loved this video! The only complaint I have is the same as Janae’s… make him go to the different bed. That is, unless they’re such good friends that they share a bed!

27 04 2010

This is a great video. you really captured the bro-ness. Lil wayne confused me tho. select a different location for that part.

27 04 2010

I loved your idea. The slow motion was great. The only problem I had I said in class. It looked like he went to his friend’s bed to mourn his loss. Good outside and inside lighting!

27 04 2010

I loved this movie! I liked your use of text, but some of it could have been cut out. Your actors were great and it was really easy to follow the story.

27 04 2010

The story that you told with this video was both depressing and cute. I just wish that they would have gotten back together at the end.

27 04 2010

I agree with Michiya that them getting back together at the end would have been cute. Overall, however, I loved this. Your topic was very relatable and funny. Great job!

28 04 2010

one of my favorites! the bed scene got a little confusing, but great job with the story line, directing and acting.

28 04 2010

My favorite film. It was hilarious, the actors were great and filming was really well done. I loved when it changed to different locations for filming I would just watch out for keeping him in the same room as his bro, but nice job!

28 04 2010
Sarah Carideo

I liked how your actors really committed to the story and made the plot really understandable. I would have the same suggestion as others that the rooms should have been different.

28 04 2010

This movie was SO funny, and so true! You see that kind of thing all the time, but I love that you guys exaggerated it a little to make it more entertaining. There were some scenes that could have been a little shorter, and it would have been nice to have more variety in the shots, but good job.

28 04 2010

hilarious. great job! the one suggestion I have is to have the third wheel bro have a different room (even though they are roommates) to make it clear that he is going to mourn the loss of a bro to a girl.

28 04 2010

I really thought that ours looked really good. We always work well together and this was no exception. The one part we could have fixed would have been to shoot in a different location or even take off some of the text. Great job partner 🙂

29 04 2010

Bromance was a great idea and I loved Scott’s acting. It looked like yall had fun making it, and that makes comedies good in my opinion.

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