7 05 2013


Final Project – Photo Documentary

7 05 2010

So this is my final project for Digital Media Convergence. It is a photo documentary about Danieley Center’s 10th Annual Chick’n Pick’n competition. My partner, Jacob, and I had a more difficult time with this project than others; making sure the correct audio was lined up with the right pictures (and to make sure we used the best pictures we had) took a lot of time.

This class has been extremely informative and I have learned so much. The most useful part of the class was the variety of projects; they pushed me to reach new levels. I enjoyed experimenting with different equipment and programs. Looking at examples from previous students was a good source for inspiration.

Project #8 – Silent Film

26 04 2010

This project was really helpful in improving my camera work. My partner, Jacob, and I tried to make sure each shot was smooth. As far as directing actors, we did not have too much trouble. One of the actors was slightly moody and did not appreciate the long hours (that is, a mere 30 to 60 minutes of filming/day). We had to work with the said actor and make sure we told him when we were starting and ending production. There were also a couple times we had to re-shoot because the actors would go out of the frame, but other than that directing was fine. I think our silent movie turned out great! I am happy with the results.

Pan Area Carnival Documentary – Project #7

19 04 2010

I really enjoyed creating this project. My partner, Jacob, and I documented an event called Pan Area Carnival. It’s a campus-wide carnival that all the Governors, including myself, put on with the help of RSA. We took footage on three different days and interviewed three people. One of them was the Governor of East area, another was apart of the Danieley Area Council, and the other was the Vice President of RSA, who helped oversee the planning process of this event. Surprisingly the interviews were not difficult to film. Jacob and I had a pretty firm grasp as to how to work the camera. The hardest part of interviewing was getting a good soundbite from people. A couple times we had to ask the interviewee to restate what they had just said because they would say ‘um’ a lot or it their statement was not concise enough.  Other than that, it wasn’t too bad.

While this project certainly took up a lot of time, I really enjoyed documenting something that is so personal to me. Hopefully it can be used next year for an RSA/Area Council promo video to show new students what sort of events the organizations plan.

The Purse Snatcher – Project #6

7 04 2010

The Purse Jacob Attempted to Take

Making a photostory was a creative project that took me back to the days of simple plots with one protagonist and one antagonist. The concept could not be overly complex because the viewer has to be able to understand the conflict through photographs. To achieve this, I created a storyline of two good friends walking outside and one of them gets robbed. When I thought about who would play the characters, I decided on two of my friends that have a height difference. Kristen would play the victim of the robbery and Rachel, who is substantially taller, would play the protagonist.

To make it more obvious who my characters represented, I had them dress femine and girly. Jacob played the antagonist. I had him dress in darker clothing; he also wore sunglasses to appear more mysterious. When completeing this project, I set up the music to allign with the storyline. For example, when Jacob was stealing Kristen’s red purse the fast-paced music kicks in. This provides the viewer with cues to how they should be feeling toward the characters.

To conclude, I am very happy with my photostory. I think there is a definite protagonist, antagonist, conflict, action, and resolution. There are a variety of shot sizes too.